About Us

Combining high technology, expert craftsmanship and a rigid quality control program has established DEXCO as a leader in contract metal machining and fabrication.

We provide a full range of services from prototype development to both long and short production runs of individual components to finished and painted full assemblies. DEXCO provides a full range of metal machining, forming, fabrication and finishing services. We utilize the most technically advanced CNC and conventional machinery throughout our plant. Our computerized production scheduling program assures on-time delivery to meet your specific needs. Our valued vendors include on time material suppliers, electroplating suppliers and heat treating suppliers.

Every facet of DEXCO’s operation is designed to meet three critical criteria—superior products and superior service at a competitive price!

Maintaining consistent quality and precise tolerances are hallmarks of the DEXCO manufacturing process. We have developed a unique programming center that allows our highly trained staff to accurately program each CNC machine from one central location—virtually eliminating machinery error and downtime. Our quality control staff uses sophisticated electronic testing devices as well as a stringent routing and inspection process to insure that every part manufactured meets our customers’ exact specifications.