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Metal Finishing

Premier Metal Finishing Services

Welcome to Dexco Machining and Fabrication – Your Premier Destination for Metal Finishing Services.


At Dexco, we pride ourselves on our expertise in metal finishing processes that enhance durability, wear resistance, and aesthetic appeal of your metal parts. Our array of services ensures that every surface finish meets the highest standards of quality and performance, tailored to the demands of various industries, including energy, HVAC, furniture, and more.



Our anodizing process transforms the surface of aluminum parts into a durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Utilizing electrochemical techniques, we offer Type I, Type II, and Type III anodizing, catering to specific durability and aesthetic requirements. This electrochemical process not only enhances the surface texture but also improves the electrical conductivity and resistance to wear, making it a pivotal part of our metal finishing techniques.


Electroless Plating

Electroless plating, a key component of our finishing options, provides a uniform, adhesive coating without the need for electrical current. This autocatalytic process ensures a consistent surface finish across complex shapes and substrates, enhancing corrosion resistance and functionality for a variety of metal parts, including those used in prototyping and manufacturing processes.



Dexco excels in electroplating, employing electrical current to deposit thin layers of metal onto parts. This method enhances the surface of metal parts with a smooth finish, improving wear and corrosion resistance. Our expertise allows us to plate a wide range of metals, offering finishes that range from matte to glossy, based on your specific needs.

electropolished part.jpg


For stainless steel and nickel-rich alloys, our electropolishing service offers a mirror-like finish, eliminating burrs and improving the part’s surface by removing tool marks and other imperfections. This process not only enhances the appearance but also the corrosion resistance of your steel parts, ensuring they meet stringent aerospace and medical industry standards.

stainless steel passivation part.jpg


Our passivation process targets stainless steel parts, removing embedded iron to prevent corrosion and rust spots. This treatment restores the natural corrosion-resistance surface, enhancing the durability and longevity of your components.


Heat Treating

Dexco's heat treating service is essential for altering the physical and mechanical properties of metals, optimizing them for improved machining, strength, and ductility. This controlled process is a critical step in our manufacturing process, ensuring that your metal parts achieve the desired functionality and performance.

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Precision is key in our grinding services. Whether you need double-disc, surface, or Blanchard grinding, we achieve exceptional tolerances and surface finishes, ensuring your parts meet exact specifications for smoothness, flatness, and functionality.

tumbled aluminum machined simple metal part .jpg

Tumble Deburring

To remove sharp edges and improve surface texture, our tumbling and vibratory deburring processes ensure each part is safe to handle and ready for further finishing, such as powder coating or bead blasting. This step is crucial for preparing metal surfaces for their final finish, enhancing adhesion and the overall quality of the finished part.

Embark on the Metal Finishing Journey with Dexco

At Dexco Machining and Fabrication, we understand the importance of a cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality finishing process in the metal fabrication lifecycle. From CNC machining to the final metal surface finishing, our comprehensive services are designed to meet your needs, ensuring your products achieve optimal performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Explore our finishing options to discover how we can enhance the value and functionality of your metal parts today.

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