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Vendor Managed Inventory

Consistent Supply of OEM Fasteners and Assembly Components

At Dexco Machining & Fabrication, we excel in delivering top-notch Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions, designed to streamline your supply chain and enhance your inventory management practices. Our VMI programs are tailored to support businesses that rely on a consistent supply of OEM fasteners and assembly components, ensuring optimal inventory levels and eliminating stock-outs.

Why VMI?

In today’s competitive marketplace, effective inventory management is crucial. VMI solutions from Dexco not only simplify the procurement process but also offer significant cost savings, improve bottom line profitability, and enhance supply chain management. By adopting our VMI program, you're investing in a system that reduces shortages, lowers total cost of ownership, and ensures just-in-time delivery, keeping your production lines moving without interruption.

Our VMI Program Features

Customized Solutions: Each VMI program is customized to meet the unique demands of your OEM sourcing and procurement strategy, ensuring the right mix of fasteners and assembly components are always available at the point of use.

Advanced Forecasting and Replenishment: Utilizing real-time data and advanced forecasting techniques, our VMI system precisely anticipates the need for replenishment, optimizing stock levels and preventing overstocking or understocking.

Efficient Sourcing and Pricing: We leverage our vast distributor network to source high-quality fasteners and components, securing competitive pricing and favorable lead times for our clients.
Kitting and Assembly Services: Our value-added services include kitting and assembly, streamlining your operations and reducing the time spent on inventory management.

Barcoding and Real-Time Inventory Management: With the implementation of barcoding and real-time inventory solutions, we enhance the accuracy of inventory levels, facilitating easier tracking and management.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Management: Our VMI initiatives are part of a broader supply chain management strategy designed to improve efficiency and reduce lead times, directly impacting your profitability.

Benefits of Partnering with Dexco



Reduced Inventory Management Costs

By optimizing inventory levels and implementing just-in-time delivery, we significantly lower the cost associated with holding and managing stock.


Increased Efficiency

Our VMI solutions free up your staff to focus on core business activities, rather than spending time on counting, ordering, and managing inventory.


Strategic Procurement and Sourcing

Benefit from our expertise in sourcing and procurement, ensuring you get the best pricing and quality for fasteners and assembly components.


Enhanced Productivity

With fewer stock-outs and disruptions, your production lines run more smoothly, increasing overall productivity.


Customized Reporting

Receive detailed usage reports and analysis, enabling better decision-making and forecasting for your inventory needs.

Getting Started with Dexco’s VMI Program

Transitioning to a vendor managed inventory system with Dexco Machining & Fabrication is straightforward. Our team works closely with you to assess your needs, implement the right inventory solutions, and continuously monitor and adjust the program for optimal performance.

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Contact Us

Ready to explore how Dexco's VMI solutions can transform your inventory management and boost your bottom line? Contact us today at 336-584-0260 and let us tailor a VMI program that fits your unique needs.

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