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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

On-time, Limitless Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Dexco Machining & Fabrication we surpass the bounds of traditional sheet metal shops by offering limitless capacity and personalized quoting, guaranteeing on-time delivery for every order. Whether you require a singular component or a batch of 500, our manufacturing process is designed to meet your needs with precision. Experience the convenience of our in-house engineer, ready to optimize your part designs for efficiency. With Dexco, accelerate your production timelines and expedite the launch of your products using a single, reliable local supplier for everything from prototypes and assemblies to comprehensive finishing options.

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Our sheet metal fabrication process stands as a cornerstone in the subtractive manufacturing landscape, transforming thin metal sheets into robust parts characterized by their precision and durability. This process is integral for creating critical end-use applications such as chassis, enclosures, and brackets and various other sheet metal parts.


Your One-Stop Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Dexco delivers exceptional custom sheet metal fabrication services, seamlessly transforming 3D CAD files or engineering drawings into high-precision components with a selection of materials like aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and steel. Our comprehensive services extend to assembly, welding, powder coating, and more, ensuring cost efficiency and competitive sheet metal quote. With a focus on design for manufacturability and engineering support, our experienced team assists in refining designs to optimize production and cost by utilizing a multitude of machining and nesting software packages for unparalleled precision, efficiency and material savings.  

At Dexco, our commitment to 100% client satisfaction drives us to deliver top-tier products tailored to exact specifications and design needs

Understanding Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet metal forming is a meticulous process that begins with flat sheet stock, which is then cut and shaped into its final form through progressive steps. Starting with sheet cutting—employing methods like laser cutting or punch press to craft internal holes and edge features. The journey continues with bending using a press brake or panel bender, shaping the sheet into three-dimensional forms. This method is not only versatile, accommodating simple to complex geometries, but also cost-effective, particularly beneficial for both low volume and high volume production.

Dexco Inc.'s Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Our capabilities are extensive, with blank sizes up to

10’ x 20’, standard lead times of 2 weeks, and sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.024” to 0.75”. Our general tolerances and range of services, including CNC machining, laser cutting, and TIG/MIG welding, highlight our commitment to quality and precision. With our adherence to ISO 9001, we ensure excellence in every project.

  • Bystronic 2021 Fiber Optic Laser 78.5 " x 157" (2 meter x 4 meter)  table 6000 watts

  • Bystronic 2022 Fiber Optic Laser 5' x 10' table 6000 watts 

  • Salvagnini P2 Panel bender 

  • Cincinnati 2022 Press Brake 12' 230 ton with 6 axis back gauge

  • Cincinnati 2022 Press Brake 8' 90 ton with 6 axis back gauge

  • Wysong Press Brake 120" with PC Controls

  • Wysong Press Brake 72" with PC Controls

  • Muratec Turret Punch Presses 25 ton & 20 ton

  • Sutherland 120 Ton Stamp Press

  • Haas VF4 CNC Mill Super Speed 20 x 40 table

  • Haas VF2 CNC Mill 16 x 32 table

  • Mazak CNC Mill

  • Hardinge Lathes (4) up to 3" chuck

  • Costa sander

  • Hager Pemserter

  • TJ Snow Spot welding equipment

  • Full Powder coat department

How Dexco Sheet Metal Fabrication Works

Dexco leverages the best in class sheet metal fabricators to turn CAD and drawing data into reality. Our process involves cutting-edge machinery for laser cutting, followed by precise forming and if needed, assembly or post-processing services. We aim to deliver parts that meet the high standards of various applications, including energy, hvac, furniture, and more, ensuring durability, wear resistance, and high quality.

Sheet Metal Materials and Finishes at Dexco

Our selection of sheet metal materials is vast, offering everything from aluminum and copper to exotic nickel alloys and titanium. Surface Finish options include standard, bead blast, plating, powder coating, and more, catering to all design and durability requirements.

Sheet Metal Design Guidelines and Advantages

Dexco provides detailed guidelines to optimize the design process, ensuring efficiency and quality in rapid tooling, prototyping, and end-use production. Our services are designed to be cost-effective, offering rapid lead times, no minimum order volumes, and significant cost savings for high-volume production runs.


Embrace the Future of Fabrication with Dexco

Dexco is not just a service provider; we are your partner in innovation, ready to bring your sheet metal projects from concept to completion with expertise, precision, and care. Our in-house project management, extensive metal fabrication capabilities, and dedication to product development set us apart as your premier partner in the USA for all sheet metal needs.

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